Louis C.K. – Aged Single Father

Louis C.K.
at the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Press Room, Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, CA 09-23-12

Do you know such a gifted and popular comedian actor as Louis C.K.? Of course, you do! He is a true star as far as he is an author and anchorman of the cable television show “Louie”, the main theme of which is difficulties of being a single dad not so young to take his status easy.

Who Is This Man?

Louis C.K. or rather Louis Szekely was born in 1967 in Washington. He has mixed blood consisted of Mexican and Hungarian of his father and Irish of his mother. His parents studied at Harvard University, married and left for Mexico City. It is known that Louis has Mexican citizenship till now. The family was broken and a boy was brought up by his mother in Massachusetts.

Already in his 17 he tried stand-up comedy but unfortunately the attempt was not successful because his jokes came out in 15 minutes. But he did not abandon the hope. Later after graduation from High School he left for New York and there he started as a comedy actor though he performed before empty clubs due to a decline of this genre. He had to earn his living as a writer for the cable show Caroline’s Comedy Hour. Soon, he felt that this is amazing and continued writing for Conan O’Brien with his Late Night, then for The Dana Carvey Show, The Chris Rock Show and others. He also tried himself as a director of the comedy show Pootie Tang. Definitely it was the success!

In the long run in 2010 he started his own show with 13 episodes for a season. He wrote for it and directed all episodes. Louis won several Emmys with that show including writing nominations. The comedy tours began in late autumn of 2012. The tickets were sold out immediately. He was in a great demand with a lot of television comedy shows and films. He derived inspiration for his texts and characters from his private life being divorced dad of two daughters.

Find out Louis’s Attitude towards Various Life Aspects

Our hero:

  • endorses Donald Trump approving everything he’s done;
  • has quitted the internet without taking a glance at any web page;
  • finds it difficult to date when people know who he is;
  • loves his kids, family members, friends and other people in his life;
  • thinks that listening cures almost every problems meaning that he is ready to listen to people who are depressed;
  • had not masturbated since 1998.

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