Dozens of tips for playing winning at the poker table

Here are a dozen great tips for playing Texas Hold’em poker – win, that is. More will follow.

Luck – it’s nothing more than chance – can be good (to your advantage) or bad (to your disadvantage). Develop your poker skills to reduce the bad luck factor.

Play only in games where you are comfortable with the stakes visit poker88. That is your choice. Be aware that there may be a lot of hands lifting and lifting back up. If you feel the stakes are too high for you, it will attack your emotions and how you play your hand – to your detriment. Don’t play scared.

Check the table – preferably before you sit down to play. Are there too many tight players? If so, you can’t win a lot of money; the more likely you will lose. Playing at the casino, rake Jackpot drop, bad beats, and tips to the dealer will be too expensive compared to how much you might win when you make the house power. The table is not for you.

Likewise, avoid tables that you feel are too aggressive: Lifting and re-raising each hand that is shared might make it too expensive for your mindset. With most novice players, you don’t want to have to pay three or four bets to see the flop. Only rare hands (pocket Aces, Kings or Queens) and premium drawing hands (AK, AQ, AJ, and KQ) deserve such an investment. Consider moving to another table.

No alcohol when you play. Even a glass of beer or wine may contain enough alcohol to detract from your attention to the game. And, quite possibly, you will soon make a costly mistake. A cup of hot coffee or tea is a better option.