British poker pro Jack ‘EarlGrey’ Salter broke Depaulo’s record

DePaulo guaranteed his second knockout from the end of the table with the K Club Shirt. Shannon ‘Aulophobia’ Shorr got her last chip in A Spade Suit Heart9 Suit. Depaulo dropped the top set and Shorr almost died on the corner. He earned $ 22,826 as a seventh place finisher.

The reign of terror continues when Depaulo moves all-in after the failure of 4 Spade Suits 3 Spade Suits 3 Diamond Suits after rising from under the weapons preflop with J Club Clothes 10 Spade Suits. Terry ‘mrterry007’ Fleischer defended his big blind in 5 Diamond Suits 2 Spades Suits and got a straight draw. He calls out for his tournament life and K’s Suit of Spades gets a turn. 7 The river suit finishes the plank and the J-10 Depaulo’s height is enough to secure the pot. Fleischer cashed in $ 30,143 as a sixth finisher.

Depaulo scored two more eliminations, beating Jessica “Jessyboo” Lanto (5 – $ 40,082), and Hayden “Luckbox89” Fortini (4 – $ 53,625) to take a massive stack of 32 million into a three-handed action visit dewapoker. That meant he had roughly twice as many chips as his two remaining opponents combined.

British poker pro Jack ‘EarlGrey’ Salter broke Depaulo’s record by securing his next win. He pushed all-in from the little blind in 4 Spades Suits 4 Diamond Suits and Sean “FilthyDiaper” Ruane called out of the big blind in A Diamond SuitQ Heart Suit. The board did not raise the cast and Ruane was awarded $ 72,410 for his third appearance.

The head game started with Depaulo holding 27.7 million to Salters 20.8 million. Salter was able to overtake the lead by winning a big pot with a straight turn, but Depaulo doubled down with the Q Heart Suit 8 Spades Suit defeated Salter’s K Diamond Suit 10 Heart Suit to regain power.

On the final side Salter min-raised from the button with A Club Shirt, Diamond Suit and DePaulo, three bets pushed with Q Club Shirt Q Heart Suit. Salter called the all-ins and the board dropped 10 Diamond Suits 2 Spade Suits 2 Club Clothes 3 Diamond Suits 3 Spade Suits. Pocket queen Depaullo lifted him to secure the pot and title, while Salter cashed in $ 98,621 as runners-up.