Comedy Nerds United

Comedy Nerds United

If you are fond of works of talented Steve Martin or you have the poster with an image of Animal House in your bedroom or you enjoy Above Average video that you can see in YouTube, you are definitely can be a comedy fancy!

Do not deny this fact! You are a real comedy fancy and you have a right to represent yourself in this way. Be proud! Just tell me who else is able to remember all the members of MAD TV. Or do you know a lot of people who are ready to tell you the upcoming lineup at the Comedy Store? Well, but you are able to do all the above things and that means – you are the ultimate comedy fan. You can forget about the latest season of any movies because you are in love with comedy that is a perfect mix of timing, tragedy, and commercials. You watch and laugh and as you know, laughter is the best treatment for a wide range of health conditions.

I am sure you agree with me that you cannot be pleased more than when you hear a good joke. It can be compared to having good sexual intercourse. In particularly if you watch that really funny standup set imrov show, you forget about all the problems and live longer with delight. And you love the people around you, the whole world and everything existing in it. It is a perfect state – to be a fan.

Do you have some doubts about being a comedy fancy? We are going to offer you a list of signs which you should find in your life and figure things out.

You’d Prefer Being The “Funniest Kid” On All That

When you watched All That, you were disappointed not to be there. The participation in that show was your dream. Later you could not send your tape to the Funniest Kid In America contest. Probably at school you were even sitting at the same table with a girl who won that contest and you could not bear sorrow not to be in her shoes.

You Could Forget About Everything Because Of The Amanda Show

You admired Amanda Bynes when you were growing up. Her jokes made you laugh and still you are ready to see She’s The Man movie and enjoy it.

You Remember Every Line in SNL

You have never missed any release of SNL. You know its history, the changes which happened during the time it has been shown.

You Do Not Stop Watching SNL Now

You love this show and every week you spend some time watching television even if there are other plans for that night.

Your Most Frequently Turned On Channel is Comedy Central

You even do not watch other TV channels – only Comedy Central due to shows Workaholics and Broad City, and others.

You Learn How to Make Comedy Yourself

You make sketch videos, create various scenarios and write material for stand up. Perhaps you even study comedy taking correspondent classes at various universities.

You Remember All Comedy Actors

There is no need for you to check the cast of characters when you see the movie because you know every actor by sight and name.

You Spend Every Free Moment to Laugh at Harold Night

Every week you choose visiting Harold Nigh at UCB Franklin even if your friends do not join you.

You Think That You Are Not Good Enough For Stand Up

You admire people getting up at Stand Up and joking. And never do it yourself.

You Follow The Lonely Island Since They Were Little

You really love them and their music videos with We Are The Scientists.

You Know Writers Working On SNL

You certainly cannot be mistaken in who is writing the sketches on SNL.

Around You A Lot of People Do Comedy

You prefer funny people to make friends with.

You Do Care About Writer’s Life Story

You are interested in lives of the authors writing for your favorite television shows, because you want to know more how to become a successful comedy writer.

You Follow The News About Your Faves On Different Social Media

Of course, you want to be at the heart of it all and that is why you follow the events happening with comedy stuff on social media and know the news before the public.

You Enjoy Reading Reviews On Members of AV Club

You show your interest to the opinion of other comedy fancies issued online.

You Buy Every Comedy Memoir Issued

You do read those books written by the comedy members.