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John and Kyle Do Everything: Two best friends fight to complete a to-do list of everything in the world.

Comedians John Horan and Kyle Vorbach killed themselves for the past year and a half and this short comedy film is the result.

From the people that brought you “An Honest Kickstarter Video”.

3:54 pm - Sun, Apr 20, 2014
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Billy on the Street- When the Easter Bunny Attacks

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First step: Conquering television. Next step: Conquering the world.

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Looking back: The Mug Shot Journal

About a decade ago, I started taking pictures of fellow improvisors holding a whiteboard with their names on it, so I could remember who everyone was. Years later, Keith Huang, a much better photographer (and eventually the artistic director of the People’s Improv Theatre) took up the torch, and has been taking great pictures of funny people ever since. 

This article is a fitting tribute to Keith and his beautiful photos. Together, we have taken pictures of hundreds of talented and wonderful people, some of whom you may recognize. 

The large pictures above are his, the small ones are mine, and the last one is his picture of me, the only as-yet not famous person on this page.

Keith’s photos | My photos (pt. 1) | My photos (pt. 2)

(via thepit-nyc)

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